My Story

Greetings, I’m Rebecca Shao, a self-taught English speaker, and a specialized Chinese business language teacher. My journey into languages started during my teenage years in Nanning, China, where I aimed to master English. The lack of access to native English speakers led me to the vast realm of the internet for learning resources. However, the abundance of information was overwhelming. These initial struggles fueled my determination to discover efficient language learning methods.

As someone who has personally encountered the challenges of learning a new language, I deeply understand the pain points and specific needs of individuals in the finance and business sectors. Years of teaching and comprehending my students’ unique requirements have enabled me to craft an effective, targeted approach to language learning.

Navigating through these challenges and drawing from my experiences working in multinational companies, I dedicated countless hours to developing a structured, step-by-step approach that aligns seamlessly with the demanding schedules and professional aspirations of those in the finance and business sectors.

The desire for a mentor and a structured system during my language-learning journey inspired me to provide just that for individuals aspiring to learn Chinese for business purposes. My classes extend beyond language skills, delving into a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese business culture.

Through teaching thousands of students, including many overseas Chinese professionals in the finance and business sectors, I’ve gained unique insights into their learning needs and preferences. I intimately understand the challenges they face and the areas where they need specialized support.

Learning Chinese, especially for business purposes, is undoubtedly a challenging journey. Yet, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing numerous students transition from beginners to confident communicators in financial and business workplaces at remarkable speeds.

The key to success lies in starting with the right approach and a structured, guided process tailored to the finance and business industries. If you’re seeking a clear and effective system to learn Chinese for business, I invite you to consider booking a trial lesson with me. I’m here to guide you through every step, ensuring a successful language-learning journey in the context of the finance and business sectors.

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