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Welcome to My Website: Your Path to Business Chinese Mastery for the Chinese Market!

Are you a recent graduate or a working professional looking to boost your business Chinese skills for the Chinese market? I’m Rebecca Shao, and I’m here to help you on this journey.

I understand the challenges you face and your desire to improve your language skills to thrive in the Chinese business landscape. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a professional in finance or related fields, I can guide you to speak business Chinese with confidence. 

In my teaching approach, I focus on growth, learning, and practicality. I know your interests lie in current affairs, politics, finance, and business, and I tailor my lessons to match your preferences.

My task is clear: to help you, a finance/business professional speak Mandarin fluently and seize new opportunities in the Chinese market. I’ve been down this road myself, studying finance in both English and Chinese and working as a finance manager in a multinational company. I’ve faced and overcome the same challenges you might encounter, and I’m here to guide you through them.

My lessons are carefully designed for your success. I offer a structured learning system to enhance your efficiency. We focus on real-world scenarios and communication exercises specific to the business world. Together, we’ll build the skills and thinking habits you need to excel in the Chinese business environment.

Book a lesson with me today and start your journey toward mastering Business Chinese for success in the Chinese market. Let’s unlock new opportunities for financial success together


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Rebecca Shao

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