The best apps to learn chinese for free

The Best Free Apps to Learn Chinese: Master Mandarin for Professional Success

This is a curated list of the most exceptional applications you can download and utilize for free to facilitate your Mandarin Chinese learning journey on your mobile phone, especially beneficial for frequent travelers or businessmen aiming to enhance their language skills for professional settings.

For your convenience, these apps have been categorized by type, making it easier for you to select the ones that align with your current learning objectives.

Best Dictionary Apps for Business Mandarin Learners:

  1. Pleco: Pleco is a comprehensive language package packed with a dictionary, a grammar guide, a flashcard generator, and a vocabulary list. It offers detailed explanations and examples for each character, along with audio pronunciation to ensure accurate learning.
  2. Hanping Chinese Dictionary: This dictionary, similar to Pleco, offers handwriting recognition and audio pronunciation. It stands out for its compatibility with Anki, allowing you to mark and export words to Anki decks.

Best All-around Apps for Learning Business Mandarin:

  1. Hello Chinese: A Mandarin-specific platform that advances language proficiency. Hello Chinese keeps learners engaged with its well-designed structure and robust functionality, including a unique pronunciation feature that helps master the tonal nature of the Chinese language.
  2. Learn Chinese – ChineseSkill: ChineseSkill offers structured lessons starting from basic vocabulary, and progressing to an intermediate level. Its appealing gamification features revolve around a cute panda bear, making learning Mandarin an enjoyable journey.
  3. Ninchanese: This app focuses on essential Mandarin phrases that greatly cater to your business communication ambitions, providing a blog, vocabulary words, and useful phrases.

Best Apps for Business Vocabulary Memorization:

  1. Pleco Flashcards and Dictionary: Pleco helps learners memorize important terminologies with its inbuilt flashcard function, aiding navigation through various business vocabulary.
  2. Anki: Anki is highly customizable and widely popular for memorizing business-related Mandarin vocabulary using a cooperative learning approach.

Best Apps to Learn How to Write Mandarin Characters for Business Use:

  1. Skritter: Skritter helps in mastering the art of writing Chinese characters with correct stroke orders, crucial for business scenarios.

Best App to Practice Business-Oriented Mandarin Speaking for Free:

  1. HelloTalk: HelloTalk provides a platform for practicing Mandarin via video calls with native speakers, accelerating language acquisition and providing real-life conversational practice.

Best Apps for Learning How to Read Chinese for Business Use:

  1. Du Chinese: Du Chinese offers comprehensive learning on how to read Chinese and provides a progression curve based on HSK tests, essential for any business setting.

Best Apps for Listening to Business Mandarin:

  1. ChinesePod: Chinese Pod is a fantastic app with podcasts on various topics and difficulties for those who prefer learning Mandarin by listening to native speakers.

In conclusion, this guide provides a comprehensive list of the best free and partially free apps you can utilize to learn Mandarin Chinese on your phone, specifically tailored for business use. These apps can significantly enhance your Mandarin language skills, aiding your professional endeavors. If you’re interested in further advancing your Mandarin skills, feel free to book a trial lesson. One-on-one lessons can provide personalized guidance and complement your learning experience with these apps. Happy learning!

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